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Last-Mile Delivery

8 Important Things About Hyperlocal Delivery

In the hyperlocal delivery sector, distinguishing between reality and opinion can be difficult. This article is dedicated to answering a few frequently asked questions about the Hyperlocal delivery eco-system in order to ensure that there are no misconceptions regarding this service.

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How Does Cash Collection Work for Microfinance Institutions (MFI)?

Post-pandemic banks and non-bank lenders active in microfinance have begun implementing hybrid collection strategies from borrowers. To minimize process disturbances, they are attempting to combine physical and digital collection modalities. As a result, cash collections work differently for MFIs depending on the type of loan undertaken.

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Is Digitization the same as Digital Transformation?

When addressing trends where the language changes as quickly as the technology, nomenclature matters. Business leaders who believe they can digitize a business or digitalize enough processes to digitally transform it are misinterpreting the terms and losing out on opportunities. Read how to discern and understand the differences between trending words in the digital era.

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Survey & Stats

Survey Data

What is a Customer Satisfaction Survey? And its Types

The customer satisfaction survey is a questionnaire that many enterprises use that helps them understand how satisfied their customers are with their customer support team’s service or by the customer service knowledge base content like FAQs, help articles, etc., on the company’s website.

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8 Pros and Cons of Using Survey Incentives

Research has shown that survey incentives increase response rates. However, there are a number of survey incentive pros and cons. Because survey incentives have a cost (both monetarily and in terms of bias), it is up to each researcher to consider the benefits and downsides before deciding whether or not to employ them.

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Payments, Collection & Invoicing

5 ways POS systems can help businesses survive the Pandemic.

5 ways POS system can help businesses survive the Pandemic

The mPOS solution has aided in bridging the gap between in-person and online purchases, resulting in a seamless payment experience across all platforms. MIMO provides a customizable and scalable mPOS solution with improved operability and a superior mobile platform. Read more about how companies can use POS technology to survive the current pandemic.

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Verification & Audits

How AI can help you with background screening

Background screening for customers and employees is challenging for banking, finance, and many other sectors. Adopting the latest technologies in background screening is the only viable solution for these companies. Fortunately, artificial intelligence has devised a promising mechanism that assures error-free and quick background screening.

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The Future of Recruitment: Top Trends to Watch Out

Recruiting is a constant process in modern-day organizations, and so should its improvement. Hiring managers should keep up with the latest trends and techniques to enable an efficient workflow. The trends change over time and demand, so you must modify the hiring funnel and workflow accordingly. To aid your search, we have listed some latest hiring trends here.

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6 Essential Background Checks that Organisations Should Conduct for New Hires

Though conducting background checks is difficult, you have a variety of methods to assess the quality of the candidate. A background check helps keep the company’s reputation in good shape and keeps employees from leaving. It aids in raising staff productivity and improving recruiters’ hiring selections. It is your responsibility to stay safe rather than be sorry afterward.

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7 Reasons Why Emerging Startups Should Invest in Background Verification Check

Every startup company is different in terms of business and methods of hiring, but the process of background verifications must be the same. Overall, if you want to work for a startup company, you only need to be prepared for a thorough review of your background. These businesses will only offer you a job if they are confident that you are the right candidate to hire and carry integrity. Using the assistance of background verification companies helps hire in your startup.

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Why Do You Need to Use Field Service Smart Forms?

Field Service Smart Forms are the new and efficient way to edit non-spatial information regarding GIS features. In this article, you will learn the significance and benefits of field service innovative forms for a field service organization.

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How to get Rental Verification?

If you own a property and want to rent it out for extra income, understanding the process of rental verification is vital. Rental agreements typically go well for both parties. This article provides insight into the rental verification process and other aspects to consider.

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Tenant Verification Law in India

There are specific laws for the verification law, which you need to be aware of. However, the primary question is how to apply for tenant verification. To answer this and inform you about other aspects of tenant verification, read this article. 

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Top 10 Questions regarding ‘Criminal Record Checks’

A criminal records check is part of the thorough background investigation that takes place before an applicant is hired. Employers all over the world include criminal background check questions in their job applications to verify the applicants’ criminal records.

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How Technology is Revolutionizing the Employee Screening Process

Verifying a large number of applications and recruiting workers is a time-consuming procedure that can lead to severe human errors if done manually. This is a technological era in which technology is transforming every aspect of life, whether it be healthcare, finance, banking, or any other. Background verification services are also being disrupted by technology in a similar way.

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