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If you’re interested in writing an article for MIMOIQ’s blog, you’ve come to the right place. While we are selective when accepting guest posts, we are always happy to welcome profound contributors with unique and informative content that can be of real value to our readers. If you have great writing skills and wish to share your knowledge and expertise with our readers, then this is the platform for you.

Here are some of the topics that we accept for Guest Posts.

We love to collaborate with people who are passionate about writing and sharing their knowledge with the world on these topics.

Background Verification

Share the Importance of background verification in different verticals. Talk about the latest trends and how can our audience benefit from them.

Cash Collection

Share your tips on optimizing the Cash collection process, and criteria, and improving customer experience for businesses.

Document Collection

Discuss in deep the process, challenges, and benefits of document collection for businesses.

Customer Profile Verification

Discuss and share the information on customer verification in the financial/banking industry. 


Share information and spread awareness on digitization and digital transformation for businesses. Cover all topics and trends in digitization along with tips and ways to implement it in businesses and how it helps.

Last-Mile Delivery

What problems are faced by logistics and supply-chain teams? What can be done to improve and optimize delivery processes? 

Merchant Onboarding

All the details and pains of businesses, tips to get the best merchant onboarding partner, and the process involved.

Survery Data Collection

Survey and data collection methods, importance, need, and processes for various industry verticals.


Share the latest trends, tools, machines, and software. What should a small business know about saas from day one before they become a larger company?

GiG Economy

Share the details with our audience on the rising gig networking and economy. Its importance and how to implement it for their businesses.

Upskilling India

Share your views and details on upskilling as the key to a brighter future for India’s youth.

Field Force Automation

Discuss and share the latest efforts to automate the field force work. What are the challenges businesses are facing and should be aware of?

We do not accept articles on topics that we have recently written about. Please check to see if the topic has already been covered on our blog, or if you have additional questions, please contact us sunaina.meena@mimoiq.com

Submission Guidelines

Before you are going to submit the article, make sure you follow the below guidelines to get your content approved.

What are the Benefits of Guest Post?

You might be wondering what are the advantages of Guest Posting on MIMOIQ.  Well Here are some benefits of writing a guest post.  

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If you are ready with all the prerequisites that are mentioned above, you can now contribute your content to our blog. Send your article for guest posting (document format) to us on the given email address.

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