Direct E-money Transfer
We handle end-to-end cash handling tasks reducing your involvement in the entire process to a mere formality.
MIMO Cash Collection Service
We have quicker settlements which reduces the chance of fraud and cash mismanagement. With MIMO, you do not need a ground presence to have money collected.
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We believe in simple-to-use services

Our cash collection service is convenient since it secures your funds without requiring you to leave your office. MIMO Cash Collection Service handles all your cash management needs & safeguards your cash deposits, allowing you to maximize your cash flow. MIMO offers a simple-to-use service that ensures that your cash matters are taken care of, from cash deposition to e-money transfer. Our trained professionals handle the entire collection and deposit process, lowering the risk of theft, cash mishandling, and fraud.

Here are a few compelling reasons to combine POS and customer loyalty programs to optimize the company's benefits:

We Expect the Unexpected

What if the customer does not have any cash on hand but would prefer to pay using UPI, Internet Banking, or a credit card? Do not worry; we offer an on-the-spot SMS invoice payment option, allowing customers to pay using their preferred method.

Ready To Setup Hassle-free Cash Collection Process?


Why choose MIMO to setup cash collection process?

Vast experience in Cash Collection and Settlement Processes.
Multiple models to suit your business needs, which include:

  • Cash Collection points
  • Doorstep Pickup

Our key strengths –

  • Faster Settlements
  • Simple-to-use service
  • Reduced risk of theft, fraud, and cash mismanagement
  • Trained Professionals handle the entire collection and settlement process.
Let us provide you

Lower Your Risk with our Trained Professionals


Frequently Asked Questions and their Answers

Our service fees comprise of two models: 

  • Percent-based charges based on the amount collected, as per industry standards, and mutual agreements for large transactions.
  • For modest transactions, there are fixed fees.

An NDA agreement needs to be agreed upon along with other SOPs.

Our Online portal can be used to track the status and updates of your transactions on a real-time basis.

There are 2 steps in this process which includes:

  • collection of funds, and    
  • settlement, which is the transfer of funds to your account. 

The entire process can take 1-2 business days to complete.

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