6 Essential background checks

6 Essential Background Checks that Organisations Should Conduct for New Hires

Employers’ most valuable assets are their employees, and finding new employees has become a daily task for businesses that want to do well. For example, how hard is it to find the best clothing store in town with the latest styles? Similarly, locating potential candidates with excellent technological knowledge from the LinkedIn pool is difficult. Employers always conduct background checks on applicants to avoid problems.

Background checks have been less emphasized before hiring someone, even though not doing them right can have more serious effects. Today, every employer wants to do a background or pre-employment background verification on the candidate, ensuring the potential employee is not a fraud and is clean in all areas. A background check entails more than knowing one’s previous or current employment history.

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What is a background check?

A background check involves researching a candidate’s past before hiring. It offers them a clear understanding of the candidate’s nature and abilities and assures them that the candidate is whom they claim to be. It also helps the candidate and the employer feel like they know each other and can trust each other. People always read other people’s reviews before purchasing a product, movie, or restaurant to ensure quality and stability. Similarly, keeping an eye on employment history, educational qualifications, and criminal and financial pasts is usually beneficial to the organization.

Even though employees give full information and references, it is the hiring team’s job to check carefully before hiring. The adoption of digitalization in public data in India, including voter IDs, driver’s licenses, PAN cards, police records, and court records, helped employees do the screening quickly. When so much information is available online for free or for a fee, there is a fine line between what you can do and what you cannot. Both the employer and the employee may become perplexed.

You want to be as thorough and careful as possible when hiring and selecting from a group of potential applicants. Connecting with the right partner that can conduct an employment background check using modern tools is vital and will help you find the right employee.

6 vital background checks you must conduct -

Check Candidate’s History

Employers do reference checks to avoid hiring someone who could be a burden or a threat to the company. According to an AuthBridge survey, one in every six job seekers lies on their résumé. A job candidate’s work history, education, medical history, driving record, and criminal record are all part of a background check. Authenticating candidates’ social media profiles has also become a reliable screening method. However, United Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) introduced specific rules for background checks, including-

Checking Criminal Records

Criminal background checks are vital for every employer to utilize background screening techniques, but they are also one of the most complicated processes. Severe and minor crimes are the two basic types considered when doing a criminal record check. As an employer, you must set the rules for your business and draw the line regarding hiring and screening employees.

A person’s criminal background affects not just the safety of a company but also their overall performance and duty towards the company if hired. For instance, when you look for a stock manager to manage the inventory and funds, check to see if the person has ever been charged with theft or fraud. If you hire the candidate without conducting a criminal background check, your company will suffer.

Check Credit Score

A credit or CIBIL score is considered when an individual looks forward to applying for a credit card or loan. Credit background screening assists in validating a person’s credit-to-debt ratio record. Check the credit history of people who work in several banking jobs where fraud and theft are easy to commit.

Furthermore, suppose the company rejects a candidate’s profile based on a credit report. In that case, the candidate has the full right to present the express rationale and contact information for the credit reporting. In this way, if there is misinformation, there is a high chance of setting things right and getting your job back.

MVR Reports

If an employer is looking for a candidate to drive vehicles, checking the MVR report is vital. The MVR (Motor Vehicle Report) presents complete information if the employee has a valid license and drives safely. Furthermore, employers are subject to laws. One should use the rules of the Department of Transportation and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration for MVR screening.

What information does an MVR check reveal?

Personal Background

There are over 200 million court records in India, and businesses have developed their own AI and ML-powered search algorithms. The technology offers accurate results, leaving no doubts in the minds of employers.

Individuals can screen themselves to see what employers or financial professionals see when they perform a background check. This helps them find out where they have worked and if their name is in any public database of lawsuits, both civil and criminal.

Background checks are an excellent method to catch any mistakes and not miss a job, loan, or opportunity to establish a business.

Professional License and Educational Background Check

Any company that wants to hire someone for a job that needs a certain level of education or a license should check the candidate’s license and education. Some work profiles, including teaching, IT, accounting, or others, require a special degree or certification. Many candidates may forge details about their educational qualifications to get the job.

An employer will use this method to compare the information on the resume with the information on the check. Partnering services have tools that can make the process of research more convenient. Candidates may overstate their degree, breadth of experience, work duties, or even their real job title in their CV and cover letter, so double-check the information they have provided.

5 steps to Perform Employment Background Check

Conducting a pre-screening of candidates benefits the company’s reputation, but how? It is difficult to obtain information that aids in determining staff capability and eliminating the need to hire additional staff. Also, before you do the background check of the candidate, here are 5 steps to consider-


Though conducting background checks is difficult, you have a variety of methods to assess the quality of the candidate. A background check helps keep the company’s reputation in good shape and keeps employees from leaving. It aids in raising staff productivity and improving recruiters’ hiring selections. It is your responsibility to stay safe rather than be sorry afterward. If you are using a background check partner, MIMOIQ is the leading company that will gather information using tools and offer you the report quickly.

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