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 Collecting and verifying proper documents is vital for the success of any organization. MIMO can verify, compile, and deliver required documents to you, and ensure that they are properly obtained, managed, and delivered without delay.

MIMO has proven experience in the Finance industry which includes institutions such as Banks, MFI’s, and NBFCs.

 Our services in this domain include: 

  • NACH Pickup
  • Loan Application & Documentation
  • Agreements
  • Cheque Pickup
  • Credit Card Application & Documentation
  • Business Documents
  • KYC Documents

Why choose MIMO for Document Collection?

MIMO can compile, gather, and manage vast quantities of documents without risking privacy.

  • Processes are comprehensive
  • We preserve the integrity and authenticity of documents collected
  • Company or individual operations are not disrupted
  • The chain of custody is not influenced by external factors
  • Real-time delivery of data
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