Secure, Accurate & Scalable Digitization
Cut down the huge maintenance cost of storing physical files and go green.
Create new value for your old data
Digitization eliminates errors and increases data accessibility and security.

MIMO provides Data Digitization services, which include digitizing paper-bound invoices, bills, and records. We can assist you with data scanning, as well as converting text, files, and images into editable digital formats. With our Safe, Accurate, and Scalable Digitization environment, you can significantly reduce high maintenance costs of storing physical data.

Why choose MIMO to digitize your business?

Our Digitization offerings include:

– Document Screening

– Document Scanning

– Formatting & Indexing

– API triggers that transfer data to your system as soon as it is digitized.

Let us provide you

automated document-centric process


Most frequent questions and answers

Data digitization are the projects and processes needed to gradually handle information in digital form, whether that information was created digitally (e.g., emails, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and eForms) or was converted from hardcopy (e.g., scanned documents).


The main tactical benefit of digitization is to increase the productivity of core business processes.

 Data digitization is achieved via the following initiatives, processes, and activities:

  • Document capture through scanning
  • Information is captured digitally using eForms.
  • Optical character recognition etc.

Few benefits of Data Digitization are as follows: 

  • Getting rid of transcription errors.
  • Putting electronic workflow processes in place.
  • Establishing audit trails.
  • Putting protection protocols in place.
  • Establishing a centralized repository for each document/data object.
  • Improving information accessibility.

Bringing business processes together.

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