Let our team of 28500+ task associates provide you with
nationwide coverage


We conduct timely assessments to meet business expectations and onboard new task associates based on requirements

Andhra Pradesh & TELANGANA
Tamil Nadu
West Bengal
Madhya Pradesh

Enabling Nationwide Coverage
For Your Business

We cover more than 3500 unique pincodes across 16 states and union territories in India. Not only do we cover urban areas, but we also cover semi-urban and rural areas. We can provide access to a variety of products and services even in the most remote parts of India owing to our network of over 14k task associates.

Training for overall growth

A well-trained and experienced task associate, we believe, can provide a superior customer experience. The right training prepares them to deal with difficult work conditions and unforeseen circumstances that might occur when completing tasks.

Behavioral Training

Soft skills
Interpersonal Relationship
Positive Attitude

Technology Training

Portal & App usage for Operations
Clients & Delivery Partners

Client Training

Application usage
Services & SOPs

Skilled Task Associates Empowered With Technology

Our entire workforce, not just our task associates, go through training programs tailored to their unique positions and responsibilities. Organizational trainings are delivered across a variety of platforms, including on-call, face-to-face, video tutorials, and workshops, with the goal of nurturing organizational values and assisting employees in becoming better professionals.

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“I want to thank the company for giving me the life I always wanted, I am now able to take care of my family and fund my father to use modernization in farming. Along with all this I am also supporting my brother in pursuing higher studies”
Janardhan Daud
Field Officer
“I like the unique work model offered by MIMO, where I am not only able to take care of my family financially but also able to give them more quality time and I can also earn as much as I want as there is no capping from MIMO”
Jaspal Yadav
Field Officer
“MIMO has been a game-changer for me, it didn’t only provide an extra source of income but also helped me enhance my communication skills, leadership skills, and management skills. It really grooms you and makes you a better personality indeed”
Mohammad Ubesh
Field Officer


We Are Here To Help You With Any Questions You May Have

MIMO provides pay-per-task work, in which you are compensated for completing micro-tasks. You can consider it as a full-time job, where task allocation is based on geo-location, required skill sets, and performance.

You are paid for all approved tasks as per the payment schedule and funds are transferred directly to your bank account.

 Based on your skillset and geo-location once you have completed an assigned task and it has been approved, then you will get paid for all tasks according to the payment schedule.

Once the signup is completed our team will review details and set up a training time as per the availability. The whole onboarding training process will take up to 4 hours. Thereafter, follow-up and project training will be conducted on a time-to-time basis and as per requirements.

 MIMO’s mobile app allows you to view your earnings and account activity, including real-time payment alerts.

Depends on the time taken to complete each task. More tasks of shorter duration and vice versa.

You have the freedom to choose which tasks you want to work on, when you want to work, and how you want to spend your free time.

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