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With live tracking, easy real-time order monitoring, and end-to-end process automation, you can ensure on-time deliveries.
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Enjoy the convenience of contactless deliveries. Our services are designed to bring about substantial cost savings with seamless system integrations.
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Customer Experience Matters: Logistics for E-commerce and Last-mile delivery to bring the smiles you are looking for.

Are you looking for a quick way to track orders in real-time, as well as last-mile delivery and e-commerce services? We provide efficient end-to-end Transhipment logistics owing to the intelligent MIMO application framework. Our framework manages and optimizes last-mile delivery & e-commerce logistics across the entire distribution chain and allows for seamless integration with the levels of the transparency needed. 

Successful management of the transportation distribution process is becoming increasingly important nowadays. MIMO Technologies offers a tech-enabled platform to easily transport goods and products and achieve a high degree of precision in e-commerce and last-mile delivery.

Our field officers are qualified to complete deadline-oriented work and deliver it to your customer in India’s most remote locations within pre-determined timelines. More than 14000 field officers serve in various rural and semi-urban areas.

With advances in information technology, it is possible to track order status in real-time through all the stages in a supply chain.

Get notifications right from the assignment of a task to an agent to its delivery.

Over 3500 pin codes covered and 1.2 million customers served.

With Geo-tagged updates about your deliveries you can easily track the package.


Through a digital platform, we can meet consumers' on-demand needs owing to our strong integration between technology and the workforce.


Consumer demands and expectations are increasing. MIMO provides last-mile services which can enable businesses to provide goods and services to the end consumer as quickly as possible.


First-mile delivery is at the core of your supply chain process. MIMO makes these processes simpler, resulting in quicker deliveries and greater buyer satisfaction.


MIMO could be the next mega Intra-city delivery service provider. With the help of ‘gig’ workers, MIMO ensures prompt customer service, resulting in increased efficiency and profitability.

Let us provide you

end-to-end logistic serviceS

Why choose MIMO for your On-time delivery?

The most critical part of the supply chain business is last-mile distribution. From quick real-time order monitoring and timely updates to smooth delivery, our tech-enabled platform ensures on-time deliveries. 

Our team consists of highly skilled professionals who are drawn to deadline-oriented work and can move your products from your warehouse to your customer in the most remote locations within pre-determined timelines.


Frequently asked questions and their answers

Last-mile delivery, as the name implies, is the final stage of the delivery process, from the distribution center to the customer’s doorstep.

The best way to improve your last mile business model is to continuously evolve and improve on your delivery services to keep up with consumer demand.

The distance between the distribution center and the target address determines this. Typically, it ranges from 4-6 days for normal delivery, whereas expedited service can take around 2 days.

The cost of last-mile delivery accounts for approx. 41% of the total transportation cost. When it comes to the overall shipping cost, its contribution increases to 53%.

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