5 ways POS system can help businesses survive the Pandemic

The Coronavirus pandemic – and the resulting shift in consumer behavior in terms of shopping, working, and living – has dramatically altered how things are done in various sectors of the economy. And the retail industry is no exception. There has been a 15-30% rise in customers purchasing online because of the pandemic.


Different sales strategies, such as contactless payment, curbside pickup, virtual consultations, and even social commerce (purchasing products through social media) have also risen in popularity. This new behavior, according to retail analysts and shopper surveys, is here to stay.


Merchants should use current POS systems to survive the pandemic and meet the new demands of today’s consumers, which will enable them to rapidly adjust to market trends (e.g., potential lockdowns) and easily sell both in-store and online. Retailers are increasingly dependent on point-of-sale technology due to the need for versatility.

During the pandemic, almost all industries have been severely affected. People are apprehensive about leaving their homes and eating in public places, and with good reason. Furthermore, restaurant owners and employees take a huge risk by engaging directly with customers. When it comes to dealing with consumers up close and personal, retailers are taking a big risk. The new POS systems, on the other hand, will make the entire process much more relaxed and secure than before.

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Here are five ways it can assist the company in surviving the pandemic:

Contactless Transactions

COVID-19 can only be transmitted through air or contact, according to CDC reports and FAQs. You would need face covering to protect customers from the virus’s airborne spread. That leaves the issue of “how do you stop the virus from spreading through contact?” When you run a company where money is exchanged, this is especially difficult. Fortunately, a sophisticated point-of-sale system will significantly alleviate this problem.


Even though contactless payment systems can be extremely useful in these turbulent times, many business owners are yet to update their systems to accommodate the technology. Whether it is credit cards, debit cards, or smartphones, the consumer has a variety of choices for paying without making touch. However, updating an out-of-date POS system is needed to reap the benefits of contactless payment.

Online Ordering

It is fair to say that most companies are only surviving this pandemic because of online shopping. This is particularly true in states and cities where there is a complete or even partial lockdown. With such a surge in online ordering, you will want to make sure your company is prepared.

Having the right tools and systems in place to process any online orders could mean the difference between your business thriving or failing during the pandemic.


It may appear daunting at first to incorporate online shopping, but it does not have to be. POS software that is up to date makes ordering as simple as ordering in the shop.

Integration of Delivery

As a business owner, you’re undoubtedly aware of how retail has changed drastically over the last decade. Last-mile delivery has become a huge success in terms of business growth where cutting-edge POS systems can combine delivery capabilities with a variety of other industry innovations into a single piece of hardware.

An order may be placed online, prepared on-site, and then shipped using any of the current services. Many of the most common delivery services are integrated into the best POS systems, so you do not have to waste time arranging deliveries yourself.

Engaging Marketing

Influential marketing is more important than ever before. Remember that many people are hesitant to leave their homes. They may also be hesitant to get orders delivered to them via a delivery service. That means you will have to concentrate more than ever on mass marketing and assuring your loyal customers that your company is safe. Even sending marketing messages to new and current clients can be made easier with the help of a high-tech POS system.

Recognize and reward loyal customers

This final advantage complements the previous one. Customers will participate in loyalty programs for most of today’s POS schemes. Being a loyal member of any company, as we all know, is always a pleasant and satisfying experience. It is worth the few moments it takes to sign up for the occasional surprises and discounts. So why not provide that option to your customers? From a market standpoint, it is also a fantastic way to keep clients and boost profits, with 46% of consumers saying they do more business with organizations that have loyalty services.


For any company owner, these are trying times. They must take the appropriate precautions to ensure that they survive the pandemic without losing customers. Investing in cutting-edge restaurant POS tools is an excellent way to do this. You can reward loyal customers, send automated marketing messages, and never have to worry about virus transmission via contact.

MIMO Technologies is a leading software development company that is committed to providing reliable and cost-effective software solutions across industries all over the world. They are among the fastest-growing IT and R&D services companies. Their growth has been powered by their consultative approach, deep understanding of business, passion for innovation, and above all, Integrity.

Traqpayments provides a unique mPos service that lets a merchant accept credit/debit card and wallet payments on his/her smartphone. An mPOS (mobile point-of-sale) is a smartphone, tablet, or dedicated wireless device that performs the functions of a cash register or electronic point-of-sale terminal (POS terminal) wirelessly.

MIMO is one of the first to offer this service to its clients. They believe that this innovation will lead to widespread acceptance and adoption of mPOS services across the country.

Some common scenarios where DigiPe will prove to be useful are as follows:


Merchant can accept money using any of the Traqpayments options- through Payment Link, QR code, Wallet, Digiswipe which keeps both the customer and the merchant happy.


The vendor will be able to send a payment link to the customer on their smartphone via SMS. Customers can pay their dues through the link.

School Office:

Administration sends the school Fees through SMS on the student’s Parent’s Mobile. Parents can pay the school fee easily without visiting the school or any bank.

Digipe is a customizable, flexible payment solution that offers enhanced security within a superior mobile framework. The mPOS solution has helped to bridge the gap between face-to-face and e-commerce transactions, creating a smooth payment experience across all channels. 

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