Go Green: Why Sustainability and Digitization go Hand-in-Hand

Yes, decarbonizing the global economy entails shifting away from the use of fossil fuels and increasing electrification and sustainable energy alternatives. However, it is also about becoming smarter and more efficient with our resources and energy use. That is where digital transformation and technology have a major role to play.

The current climate catastrophe is the result of actions by businesses, organizations, governments, and individuals. We must decide to consume less energy and use it more efficiently to limit carbon emissions. It appears to be straightforward. But, as we all know, this often entails uncomfortable decisions: Making it happen is difficult.

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Digital transformation in the service of long-term viability

The good news is that today’s digital technology may assist us in making wiser, faster, and more precise decisions – all of which are ultimately better for the world.

There are three critical enablers:

Transparency of consumption

The Internet of Things (IoT) enables us to collect and analyze data on energy and resources, offering insights across systems, buildings, and plants up to the enterprise level. With this transparency, power and other resources cease to be “commodities” that are merely delivered and consumed as needed.
We can regulate what we monitor by aligning consumption to real demand, grid performance, projections, and targets. This is where the process of decarbonization begins.

Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

We may make informed decisions based on data-driven insights based on measurements and learnings that are based on facts rather than intuition. With the correct data quality and structure, AI has the potential to automate or assist us in making real-time decisions, transforming traditional business processes.

Digital Ecosystem collaboration

Nobody can tackle climate change on their own, and no one can innovate on their own. Finding the proper technology partner is frequently the quickest, simplest, and most profitable method to meet lofty sustainability goals. This is where digital ecosystems like MIMO technologies can make a big difference. They enable end-users, technology suppliers, and integrators to collaborate and share data to gain new insights, develop new solutions, and address efficiency and sustainability issues.

These three essential accelerators all have one thing in common: they can revolutionize the way businesses and individuals work — in every function, at any level.

This is the pivotal point of the digital revolution

The same is true for sustainability: To speed the delivery of actual outcomes across the organization, an effective corporate sustainability strategy must be established and implemented from start to finish.

Furthermore, the two strategies – sustainability and digitization – must be intertwined. If they are, the following benefits will accrue: Companies that incorporate digital and sustainable transformations into their operations and value chains are 2.5 times more likely to be among tomorrow’s best-performing firms than those that do not.

MIMO sees sustainability and digitization as inextricably linked and important components of the fight against climate change. Our commitment to ambitious sustainability goals, and regularly measured environmental impact have been recognized in leading rankings. This could not have happened without a solid foundation of digital maturity and innovation.

To address this pressing situation, we must design and implement bold, achievable roadmaps and solutions that allow us to reduce energy-related emissions while meeting the world’s energy demand.

The potential of today’s digital technology, data, and artificial intelligence (AI) can help us accelerate this sustainability revolution. Companies like ours play a vital role in the economy as big economic players. The sooner we act and the more comprehensively we act, the better.

The Digital Age is only now beginning to alter the way businesses work. There will be even more advances and new words to learn and appreciate as time goes by. 

The twenty-first century brought in a new age of technology, which has been reshaping daily life, facilitating obsolete systems, and spawning entirely new business sectors.

How can MIMO help?

Is your business digitizing its information? Is your company being challenged by digital transformation considering that everything is now online? Are you interested in digital transformation? MIMO keeps up with these changes and has extensive experience in its successful implementation. We can assist you in digitizing, digitalizing, and ultimately digitally transform your company. 

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