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Background checks bring up the most crucial details about the individual in question. Depending on the role and company, a background check can include a variety of services. We use professional task associates and agile technology to ensure data authenticity, which includes geotagging, negative monitoring, quality management, and real-time data delivery—a robust mix of services to provide you with a comprehensive rundown of the person’s context.

MIMO delivers Seamless & Authentic Background Verification for their Customers & Partners.

Comprehensive compliance policies for all background checks

Nationwide coverage

Improved Customer Experience

Support for Implementations

Easy Integration with existing systems


Faster Turnaround Time

Quick service in real-time.


Cost-effective and Precise

We provide a cost-effective, customer-driven approach that is accurate and reliable.


Real-time Reporting

Stay updated with our live monitoring and modern analytical tools.


Geotagged & Watermarked Reports

Secure your data with our geo-tagged & watermark enabled reports.


Tracking Mechanism of entire task cycle

Fully automated real-time tracking of any activity.

Mitigate the risk fraud with verification

MIMO’s financial background check services can help you mitigate the risk of fraud. With customized solutions for all your financial check needs, we can assist you with checks to establish the credit and financial worthiness of your consumers. 

Address Verification with Real-time Reporting

With MIMO’s Address Verification Services, you can easily verify your candidate’s address. By leveraging our vast network of 14000+ on-field representatives, we can physically verify the address to corroborate the information provided by the candidate. 

Background Screening with watermarked report

Accelerate your hiring process with our employment background check solutions designed for enterprise businesses. We utilize multiple channels to yield a consistent yet nuanced background screening process for employers and prospects. 

Cost effective PAN card verification

Identity Verification

Knowing your customer’s identity allows you to eliminate risks like online fraud and financial crimes. Stay compliant by meeting regulatory requirements with accurate and immediate ID verification, including screening of a candidate’s voter ID card, PAN card, and other identification documents.

Reliable Verification Process

Confirm whether the education, degree, training, or certification claims of a candidate are true and identify potential discrepancies before you hire. MIMO can help you make more informed decisions by verifying if a candidate’s degree, education credentials, or professional license is valid.

Double-check Verification

Social Media Verification

During the employment process, 72% of businesses utilize social media to vet prospects. MIMO can help employers to easily map a prospect’s interests, activities, and affiliations via social media. Our background verification professionals understand what to search for, where to look for it, and how to interpret the information available on a candidate’s social media profile.

personalized background checks

Credit Checks

MIMO gives reliable and credible information regarding your consumers’ credit health. Make credit checks an integral component of your screening process to get the data that you need to make informed hiring decisions and confirm your prospects’ credit worthiness. 



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Why choose MIMO for Verification Services?

MIMO is a one-stop shop for all your background verification needs, and we’re just getting started. We place heavy emphasis on numbers because they speak for themselves. After completing over 1 million transactions over the years, we have developed a trustworthy reputation in the industry. Through our tech-enabled solutions and real-time data, we provide cost-effective and reliable background check services.

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Most frequent questions and answers

A background check is a process a person or company uses to verify that an individual is who they claim to be, and this provides an opportunity to check and confirm their validity.

A Letter of Authorization or LOA expresses that whatever data you give in the application structure is subject to background screening by the organization or its third-party agents.

In India, the background verification process is carried out either by the company or by third-party agencies, depending on the norms and the type of verification required.

It takes about 2-5 business days on average to get a complete background report on an individual. This involves checking previous employment information, educational credentials, residential address, and criminal records.

There’s a chance you will fail a background check if the data you provided doesn’t match with the data on company records.

Application anomalies, negative statements, and criminal records are all common red flags in background reports.

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