Ensuring quick and seamless onboarding
Our priority is to find and onboard the right merchants for your business
Facilitating Growth through automation
Proven onboarding methods which include risk assessment, monitoring, and management.

Merchant Onboarding is one of the key activities when you are looking to expand your business and build an ecosystem where you want each participant to be a marketer for your brand and business. Not all connections can be made in the digital world thus having a team on the field with experience in client interaction helps meet business expectations & goals. Keeping this aspect in mind, MIMO has been providing the best-in-class merchant onboarding services by engaging its well-trained and skilled workforce available at the PAN India level.

Why choose MIMO for Merchant Onboarding

In a new merchant relationship, onboarding is the first hurdle to clear. At MIMO, we aim to make the onboarding process as efficient and painless as possible. By using cutting-edge technology for the onboarding process, we can:

  • Speed up the application
  • process Reduce the cost to board
  • Make the entire process scalable and easy to navigate 
  • Be consistent with risk adjudication or compliance standards
Let us provide you

EFFICIENT Skilled Workforce