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Guide for Understanding Field Service Management

This guide helps you fully understand field service management. This guide also answers commonly asked questions related to it.

Field Service Overview

Field Service Management (FSM) is a complex system that coordinates with field service operations. It manages the company’s resources, such as work activities and employees. This system includes managing worker activity and ensuring driver safety. It also aids in integrating the management of other activities, including billing, inventory, and accounting. Companies with requirements to manage repairs of systems or equipment and installation services use FSM. It helps companies with field service management via cloud-based software.

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Activities Involved in Field Service Management

Field service involves many activities in the field instead of on company property. The first is scheduling activities, including service appointments and completion timelines. It is known as “field service scheduling.” 

It manages dispatch activities, such as coordinating dispatch. It is known as field service dispatch management, and work order management, including assigning and tracking services. It is also involved in its activities.  

It also manages field service contract management, including contracts with the customers. It helps ensure companies get service-level agreements. This process is known as “field service contract management.” 

It also ensures the flow of inventory management. This process includes keeping track of supplies and parts.

It also records the transferred, consumed or adjusted products. It is known as inventory management. 

Components of Field Service Management

Field service management typically involves dispatching contractors to a client’s location. They dispatch them to repair or install the company’s equipment. The function of a field service manager is to track a company’s field resources. They help companies to provide skilled and specialized services to their clients.  

Advantages of Field Service Management

A company needs effective field service management solutions to manage its resources. 

The advantages of field service management include: 

  • Reducing mean time to repair

    It assigns the right technician to a suitable job. It helps improve first-time fix rates. If the technician has a suitable date at the right time, they can offer quick repairs to the clients.

  • Increasing uptime

    It identifies necessary repairs at an early stage in the asset lifecycle. It helps companies reduce downtime and offers high levels of performance.

  • Lowering field service cost

    It uses insights and data to finish the maintenance task on time. It also virtually offers tasks.

  • Authorize field service technicians

    It provides technicians with mobile capabilities and remote assistance. It helps technicians stay safe, troubleshoot, and finish tasks more efficiently.

  • Boost customer satisfaction

    It helps the company know the satisfaction level of its customers. It allows them to know whether the technicians are meeting customers' expectations. Quickly responding to customers' concerns and unexpected delays helps increase their satisfaction.

The Future of Field Service Management

Many businesses understand the need for field service operations. They also know the significance of its development. In the future, you will find more features that improve its efficiency. Many businesses empower the right field service technician. It helps them to offer their service anywhere, anytime, and on any cloud. 

IoT field service

The Internet of Things (IoT) devices obtain predictive maintenance based on data. Augmented reality (AR) helps in developing powerful troubleshooting. It will help to limit maintenance on assets. 

AI in Field Service Management

AI is everywhere in developing systems. It will help technicians reduce their workload.  

It will augment the training and skills required for technicians. It will also increase the ability of companies to analyze large amounts of data. 

Field service automation

It is estimated that AI-based robotic optimization will be helpful. It will help dispatchers to improve their field resource quality. It will also help them do better at troubleshooting. 

Cloud field service management

A hybrid cloud will help connect data across an organization and its customers. It will also deliver data to the partnerships via an integrated platform.

What are Field Service Management Industry Applications?

  • Manufacturing

    It dispatched the technicians to prevent the repair of equipment under warranty. It uses predictive maintenance for various equipment, including; electronics and consumer products. It also offers its services for aerospace, automotive, and industrial products.

  • Energy and utilities

    The energy and utility industries use technicians to schedule time-sensitive work orders. They will need to consider geospatial information from remote assets. It helps technicians with complex crew organizing tasks.

  • Transportation

    Service technicians need access to information about inventory and assets in the transportation industry. It helps them to maintain road and air traffic operations. Some information is necessary, including driver logs, fuel management, and spare parts.

  • Oil and gas

    These industries focus on safer and more reliable operations. Companies can reduce costs by streamlining field service maintenance performance.

Types of Field Service Management Software

Field Service Management (FSM) software aids organizations in managing their resources. Managers and technicians use this software to automate scheduling. They also use it to process job orders and dispatch. It also helps in keeping a record of the services. Your business can also use this software to track the collected payment details. You can also manage customer service contracts.

There are 3 types of field service management software that you can use according to your business requirements.

Enterprise asset management software

It is also known as EAM software. It helps organizations maintain and monitor their operational equipment. You can use it to control operational assets on or off-premises. This software features AI-powered remote monitoring. It helps managers to maximize the use of assets. It helps increase uptime and lower operational costs. 

Inventory management system

This system offers a view of the maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) inventory performance. A company uses this software to optimize its MRO inventory. It helps in reordering the levels for each stocked product. It also helps reduce work and aid in delivering optimized recommendations for the list. 

Mobile field service management software

This software offers cloud and mobile capabilities. It helps companies improve their communication. It provides your business with real-time communication. This software allows you to connect with technicians to transfer necessary details while doing their job. 

Mobile capabilities allow field service technicians to capture equipment images on their devices. It helps them quickly access data and find the cause of problems. Some software works with AR and AI capabilities to evolve their software.

What are the challenges that field service management faces?

There are many problems a maintenance technician leader faces. Some include the inability to attract and retain talent and the lack of technology for field service. However, the software automates specific tasks to lower the stress on the crew. The software must also provide capabilities that boost knowledge transfer and help field technicians.  

According to mobile service technicians, they encounter problems such as miscommunication about job tasks and scheduling conflicts. They also find it difficult to obtain essential data and make return trips.

Many companies recommend the main system CMMS capabilities on tablets and phones. The system must involve these features, such as GIS-location data and asset maintenance histories. It also needs the analysis of work order information and real-time communication. Other companies suggest having integrated, cohesive, end-to-end solutions to run your business smoothly.


What to consider before reviewing FSM options?

Before choosing the FSM options, learn about the company’s experience and reputation. You should also check how many good quality companies are using their software.  

Who uses FSM software?

Field service operations are essential in almost every industry. Some companies that use it include plumbing service companies, cleaning industries, and HVAC service businesses. Electrical contractors and telecom also use this software.  

What is essential in the field service industry?

Field service management is essential for the industry since it resolves these issues: 

What do you require from field service management software?

You will need these FMS software features as a business owner. 


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