Social Impact

Making lives better with Digital Skilling & Financial Inclusion

With rural unemployment on the rise, MIMO aims to strengthen inclusive growth by offering job opportunities, digital training, and incentives for ’gig’ workers in remote areas of the country.

Economic Inclusion
$ 1 M+
More than INR 10 Crore (USD 14 Million) disbursed as wages to Gig workers belonging to the rural & semi-urban areas in India
Digital Skill development
1 K+
More than 65000 trainings done in Digital Skilling program to train people in digital data capturing, digital wallet management, utilities bill payments etc.
Micro Job Opportunities
0 M+
More than 1.2 Million micro job opportunities created for the people in need

Our Focus

MIMO aims to bridge the rural employment gap in India by offering job opportunities, digital training, and incentives for ’gig’ workers serving in remote areas of the country.

We strive to bring about radical change to financial processes followed at grass root levels by digitally empowering processes followed by financial institutions. MIMO plays a dual role for both unemployed rural citizens and enterprises who are looking to fulfill their last-mile deliveries to villages and other underserved regions of the country.

We Are Committed To


Local Employment

MIMO is devoted to empowering citizens in rural and semi-urban geographies and believes that by educating people in technologies will ensure access to appropriate employment opportunities in a fair and transparent manner by mainstream institutional players.


Digital Skilling

MIMO has over 14000 field officers that cover rural and semi-urban regions in over 5000 different rural locales. MIMO plans to spread to all rural and semi-urban places in India by 2022, covering all unique pin codes, offering income opportunities for one and all. 


Financial Inclusion

MIMO technologies and MFI’s have helped in bringing financial stability to rural India and other remote regions by ensuring access of appropriate financial products and services to low-income groups at an affordable cost.


Entrepreneurship mindset

MIMO aims to cultivate the entrepreneurial mindset by creating digital learning experiences for 'gig' workers that allows individuals to navigate uncertainty and build a meaningful career for themselves.

Establishing a meaningful social connect for task workers across the country

With complete Training, our team is prepared to help you achieve your goals, and beyond.

MIMO inherently disrupts the traditional supply chain by providing employment opportunities for task workers across the country to fuel the development and advance of a ‘gig’ economy.

We strive to deliver a sense of security and a feeling of goodwill amongst the people, by bringing financial stability to its region of operation. Employment opportunities for people in semi-urban and rural areas fulfills a significant social purpose of establishing financial independence in the region.

A Pathway to Success: Few Stories

Mohammad Uvaish

Currently working as Franchisee
Joined as Field Officer 
Monthly Earning From MIMO – Rs. 12000 – 15000 

MIMO has been a game-changer for me, it didn’t only provide an extra source of income but also helped me enhance my communication skills, leadership skills and management skills. It really grooms you and makes you a better personality indeed.

Mohammad Uvaish’s story serves as an inspiration for every young Indian who are looking for task-based employment and to serve society at its grassroots. This opportunity has given him the means to support his family financially and to lead an independent life. His journey with MIMO has been exciting and fulfilling where he gets to interact with different people each day and in the process earn a livelihood for himself. 

Janardhan Daud

Currently working as Franchisee
Joined as Field Officer
Monthly Earning From MIMO – Rs.40000 – 45000

I want to thank the company for giving me the life I always wanted, I am now able to take care of my family and fund my father to use modernization in farming, and along with all this, I am also supporting my brother in pursuing higher studies.

This story of Janardhan is an inspiration for every young Indian who is looking for an income opportunityMIMO has taken up this ownership by generating part time employment, not only in urban areas but also in rural parts of India. Today, Janardhan is a franchisee with MIMO and has a team of Fifty field officers who work directly under him.

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