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Effective Ways to Improve Cash Collections and ensure timely Payment Settlements

Many small businesses find it difficult to collect money from their consumers. However, sometimes it is the business owners who are to blame. Many businesses have inefficient invoicing and collection procedures that lead to readily avoidable issues. 

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Here are a few ways to keep the cash flowing:

Improve your invoicing

Many small businesses find it difficult to collect money from their consumers. However, sometimes it is the business owners who are to blame. Many businesses have inefficient invoicing and collection procedures that lead to readily avoidable issues. 

Improve your invoicing

Many firms harm themselves by issuing invoices that aren’t prepared well. Bills and invoices must be detailed while remaining basic and straightforward. Everything should be itemized on the invoice, and it should be sent as soon as possible. This eliminates the uncertainty and questions that lead customers to wait. Avoid using charming graphics or flashy colors that detract from the invoice’s essential business function. Make it clear how checks should be written, where they should be mailed, the due date (or simply “On Receipt”), and any instructions for paying online, by credit card, debit card, PayPal, or other means. 

Use a billing or invoicing service that is cloud-based

 Small enterprises, self-employed professionals, and freelancers can benefit from online invoicing and billing services. Bill.com, for example, is a popular online invoicing solution that can help you streamline and speed up your accounts receivable process. Invoices can be quickly created, sent, and tracked. Customers may view and pay your invoices online, and the money is deposited directly into your account. 

Provide discounts for early payment and pre-payment

Many car rental businesses and hotels offer two prices when you hire a car or make a hotel reservation: A lower price if you pay in full now, and a greater price if you pay later. Why don’t you give it a shot? Consider giving a 2% to 5% discount for paying in advance. Customers will be rewarded, and you will save time and work by not having to try to collect afterwards. 

Set a late payment penalty

First, you’ll need to create a clear and consistent policy that explains how late payments can result in a fee. Even if you don’t charge the cost or waive it for loyal clients who are late for legitimate reasons, simply stating it on your invoices will encourage fast payment. 

Deposits, down payments, and/or progress payments are required

While this is standard operating practice in various industries and professions, it can be used by a variety of small enterprises. Don’t be scared to request a portion of your payment up front and further payments as the project progresses. 

When it comes to missed payments, take a personal approach

If payment is sluggish to arrive, follow up personally and courteously. It’s more likely to fail if you ask a clerk, bookkeeper, or someone else to make these connections. Personal attention may also offer you useful information on why the payment is late, such as customer service or product issues. 

Check the creditworthiness of your customers

Customers’ credit ratings are being checked by an increasing number of small enterprises, both businesses and consumers. Experian, Transunion, and D&B are just a few of the credit scoring companies that offer low-cost options for small enterprises.

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Set reminders and safeguards

A step-by-step timetable for initial invoicing and follow-ups is essential for effective billing and collections. This should include a policy of issuing invoices as soon as possible and following up with letters, emails, or phone calls if payment is not received within the time limit provided. Your invoicing process should also incorporate protections to ensure that the correct invoice is always sent to the correct customer. Make use of an invoice numbering scheme and avoid repeating numbers. This might lead to a lot of misunderstandings and delays. 

Develop a backup plan

If at all possible, at least two persons should be able to manage your company’s invoicing and collection obligations. Invoicing won’t come to a halt whether someone goes on vacation or quits.

How can MIMO help?

Our cash collection service is convenient since it ensures the security of your money without forcing you to leave your office. MIMO Cash Collection Service takes care of all of your cash management needs and keeps your cash deposits safe, allowing you to maximize your cash flow. MIMO provides a simple-to-use solution that takes care of all of your financial needs, from cash deposits to e-money transfers. The entire collection and deposit process is handled by our qualified personnel, reducing the danger of theft, cash mishandling, and fraud. 


The worlds of payments and communications are rapidly evolving, and emerging technology will assist in streamlining the payment process for consumers, ensuring that invoices are paid on time, and reducing the burden that comes with nonpayment for small business owners.

A few benefits of adopting our software model entails:

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