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How Motor Vehicle Record Background Check can assist your organization on a safe journey?

Is it necessary for your staff to utilize vehicles in order to do their jobs?

If you answered yes, you must make sure that anyone driving on your behalf has a clean driving record. To do so, you must conduct annual motor vehicle record (MVR) checks on all of your drivers. 

Unsuitable drivers can be removed from your payroll, saving you time, stress, and money.

But what is a motor vehicle record? 

Let’s Find Out. 

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What Is Motor Vehicle Record Driving Record?

An MVR, or motor vehicle record check, is a record of a person’s driving history. Simply told, it refers to the pertinent information regarding a person’s driving history, such as license class, endorsements, restrictions, standing, suspensions, and expirations. 


Furthermore, while driving, a motor vehicle record includes tickets, traffic offences, and criminal convictions. Let us explore why an MVR is important for a company. 

Why Are Motor Vehicle Record Checks Important?

Wondering how a motor vehicle record check can benefit your company and those others on the road?

Here are a few reasons to convince you: 

Brand protection

When it comes to brand reputation management, you must always be alert. Swift and preventive capabilities are critical for protecting your company’s hard-won brand reputation and image. 

Your management team can stay one step ahead of any potential damage to your brand image by doing periodic motor vehicle record checks. 


Above and beyond the other advantages, you have the option of removing a potentially dangerous driver from the road—temporarily or permanently. So, why not use an MVR check to make the roads (and, as a result, the people) safer? 

MVRs provide details on a person’s driving behavior and how they will drive on your behalf. Certain employers think that a person’s personal driving habits have no influence on how they drive a work car. 

Others, on the other hand, believe that if a driver engages in unsafe behavior in their own vehicle, they will do so in the business vehicle as well. Increased traffic violations, avoidable accidents, insurance expenses, and other personal problems may result as a result of this. 

However, you must consider if a person would be more cautious if driving a business vehicle. Or would they be able to flip between several different driving styles and attitudes? We believe it makes perfect sense in this situation. When judging a driver’s record, you must exercise extreme caution. 

What do employers stand to gain with an MVR check?

Employers often use an MVR background check to establish how qualified and responsible an applicant is for a job that requires a lot of driving. Employers hire employees to drive for their firm or organization when they fill a driving role. As a result, the employer will have some responsibility for the driver’s actions behind the wheel. 


Hiring a driver with a history of license suspensions or a long list of traffic violations, or whose license does not fit the position’s criteria, is a legal, financial, and public image risk for a company. Employers will look for warning signs that indicate a candidate should not be trusted with a company car or the responsibility of representing their brand on the road. 


Is your driver’s license valid, or has it expired, been suspended, or been revoked? Is the driver qualified for the job if it requires a commercial driver’s license or a higher level of licensing class or endorsement? Has the motorist been in a high number of accidents or received a high number of speeding tickets? Has the driver ever been convicted of driving while intoxicated or other offences behind the wheel? 


These and other issues can be answered by an MVR check, which gives an employer a complete picture of the candidate and how responsible he or she is as a driver. 

How to conduct an MVR check:

Working with a reputable background check business is the best approach to obtain a candidate’s motor vehicle record. Background screening companies not only know which databases to examine at the Department of Motor Vehicles, but they also comprehend the particular “language” of driving record reports. 

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