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Role of employee background verification companies in pre-employment screening

Background verification, often known as a background check, is an in-depth inquiry into many areas of an employee’s background, such as job history, public (criminal) records, residence verification, and educational qualification. The best Background Verification Companies in India mostly provide pre-employment background checks in India for both large and small businesses. 


The most effective Background Check Companies in India serve as third-party agents for businesses and organizations. In India, they primarily conduct pre-employment background checks. Employers in India rely on the resumes supplied by prospective candidates. However, most resumes contain inconsistencies. According to a 2017 AuthBridge poll, one out of every six job seekers lie on their CV. 



According to an AuthBridge analysis, the number of candidates with false CVs has increased over the last three years. The extent to which bogus resumes are on the rise poses a significant threat to employers. The top verification businesses in the globe have the enormous task of assisting the company in making the right employment decisions. 

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This is why a pre-employment background check in India is such a vital requirement before hiring.

When recruiting, a corporation is constantly at risk because the employer is liable for the activities of the employees. The finest background check businesses in India conduct a complete background check on the candidates, reducing risk. 


Candidates having a criminal history will jeopardize the company’s reputation as well as workplace safety. This should act as a motivator for employers to contact the best background verification businesses in India. 


 An in-depth pre-employment screening can assist preserve the company’s brand from unfavorable publicity caused by scandalous workers. The top employee background verification companies in India assist employers in selecting the best candidates for the job. 

The top employee background verification companies in India must do thorough research into these key components of the candidate.

Public records:employee background verification

Public records:

such as criminal offences, can be retrieved through courts of law and law enforcement organizations. This will ensure worker safety if a thorough background check is performed. It is also critical that the values of the employee and the organization are compatible with one another.

Educational qualifications:

Educational qualifications:

To check that the applicant’s educational qualifications are authentic, the employer may contact the college/university from which the candidate graduated. The credentials listed on the applicant’s resume are scrutinized. Aside from the qualifications, the employer may also question about the applicant’s overall conduct. 

Work history:

The employer can call the applicant’s prior employer to learn more about his or her work ethic, job role, job performance, length of employment, and overall conduct. 

Address verification:

Address verification:

Most background check organizations deploy a team of investigators to the applicant’s physical location. They may also consult with the applicant’s neighbors to get vital information. If the address turns out to be a forgery, it demonstrates the applicant’s determination to conceal his or her previous identity. 

Advances in digital technology are assisting Employee Background Verification Companies in India.

Aside from the CV, employee background verification companies can check the candidate’s online information. Furthermore, the Government of India has supported the background verification process by creating digital outlets where information is stored. 


Almost all information regarding the candidate is available in the Aadhar Verification, from residence address to biometrics. The National Academics Depository (NAD) was established to digitally store academic records. This aids to eliminate fraudulent practices such as faking certificates and marksheets. 

The government’s NSR (national skills register) is the largest database for working professionals. This makes it easy for businesses to verify the information provided by their employees. Because of technological improvements, it is simple for the top background verification businesses in India to collect information online. 


Social media is also an essential tool, and background verification companies in India make extensive use of it. This vital technology is used by the world’s best background verification companies to map out valuable information about personnel. Background check businesses can calculate the applicant’s interests, participation, actions, and affiliations. 

Background Verification Process in India

In India, background checks are performed either by the company or by third-party agencies. Large corporations or organizations engage the top employee background verification companies in India to do pre-employment background checks. 


Smaller businesses normally undertake the verification themselves with the assistance of an HR team. The employment verification process is determined by the many norms and the type of investigation required. 

A detailed report is supplied to the employer once the background verification company has completed the background verification process completely. After reviewing the complete report, the employer will decide whether or not to hire. In the event of a post-employment verification, the employer will decide whether or not to keep the employee. 


The background verification process typically takes 3-10 days; however, it may take longer if the background verification provider wishes to conduct a thorough background check. 

Top 10 Background Verification Companies in India

India is the world’s fastest expanding economy, bringing various firms and industries to the forefront. As a result, this has immediately paved the way for the establishment of a slew of background verification firms in India. 


Today, both large and small organizations have recognized the need for an efficient pre-employment background check system in India, which has resulted in companies trying to be the best background verification company in India. Here is our pick of the top 10 Background verification companies in India: 


CFirst Corp offers a cost-effective and personalized background check solution via an industry-leading, user-friendly web-based system. They are also an ISO 27001:2013 certified firm.

Corporate Investigation India

Corporate Investigation India provides pre-employment background checks, acknowledging the critical necessity to screen future employees at all levels. Other checks include the verification of white papers/documents, tenant screening, and drug testing. CII operates globally in accordance with the norms and regulations in effect in that jurisdiction.


JustVerified is India's first background verification company with a mobile application and a web-based application, providing clients with a convenient way of authentication and reliability.

The Fourth Force

Fourth Force ranks among the top ten finest background verification firms in India as a professionally managed background verification company with a staff of 100+ educated specialists delivering fair and dependable services in the validation of available information.

Sleuths India

Sleuths India is well-known for providing unrivalled investigation services for individual cases, company cases, debtor concerns, pre-employment and post-employment checks.


The IBC is run by professionals with vast expertise in the global screening sector. They are also an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO:2015 certified organization.


iCrederity's goal is to provide a standard platform for background verification based on authentic credential analysis that is accessible globally and supported by a strong network.

iChek Services

With over ten years of expertise in pre-employment background checks, iChek has a wealth of industry knowledge.

SecUr Credentials

SecUr Credentials Ltd. is one of India's major background check firms, having pan-India coverage and global operational capabilities.

Prompt Personal

Prompt Personal is one of India's leading HR solutions providers, with over 22 years of expertise.

This is the era where technology is significantly affecting the method of employee background checks and how they can be used. So, like any other industry that technology has transformed, background screening will transform, but for the better, thanks to the immense power of technology. 


With the latest technology in operation, MIMO’s employee background screening services can be used to perform verification quickly and easily by organizations. Companies need to send a request to MIMO for a background check and they can receive all relevant records without delay. Working with a reputable background check firm can help save on time and money while also ensuring that the company remains compliant in the customer screening process. 


Here at MIMO, we are aware of the high levels of transparency, complex legislation, and laws that the financial sector and other industries must adhere to and comply with. MIMO offers all-inclusive background check services with a focus on protection to provide you with the most reliable and up-to-date details. 

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