Empowering Freedom: Bhavik Patel's Successful Gig Worker Journey

In the bustling city of Gujarat, where the hum of nine-to-five jobs’ echoes through the streets, Bhavik found himself yearning for something different. Bhavik, a B.Com. graduate by qualification, had several options to choose from; however, the rigid schedule and limited opportunities of a traditional job left him feeling confined, unable to fully pursue his dreams or be present for his family. That was until he discovered the world of gig work.

Bhavik’s journey into the gig economy began with freelance background verification tasks and document collection for agencies. Initially, it was tough. The uncertainty of income and the need to constantly find new clients seemed daunting. However, his flexibility and the potential to choose projects that aligned with his passion fuelled his determination.

Bhavik is now an accomplished independent task-worker with over 15 years of experience in background verifications and document collection.

Overcoming Challenges

Bhavik’s career as an independent task worker was not without its challenges. Tasks such as document collection can be daunting for any individual.  


Most of these tasks were tedious and time-consuming, and he had to master the art of self-discipline, effectively managing his time between work, family, and personal life. He also had to navigate the intricacies of client negotiations, including tasks that necessitated obtaining blank checks from clients, which could prove challenging if there was any mishandling of such sensitive documents, potentially implicating him.  


There were moments of doubt, especially during slow periods when tasks were scarce, but Bhavik’s resilience and adaptability saw him through. 

The Turning Point

Bhavik’s hard work and consistency in completing tasks successfully and on time began to pay off. He started receiving positive reviews on various high-profile banking apps, such as the Baroda app for loans and credit cards, the RBI credit card app, and the Axis Bank app, to name a few, which earned him repeat customers on the apps, resulting in steady income for regular clients who trusted him with their tasks. 


For each task, he has to cover nearly 25–30 km each day; however, the compensation for his efforts has been satisfactory, as he can earn nearly 30–35,000 INR monthly, which allows him to support himself and his family financially.

Bhavik and MIMO

Around two and a half years ago, a friend referred Bhavik to MIMO, and because of his extensive experience with gig work in the fields of background verification and document collection, he was able to strike an instant connection with the work MIMO was providing. 


He prefers the MIMO app over many other verification apps because of its simplicity in operations, timely disbursement of commissions, and because the MIMO team can provide easy and quick resolutions to any issue that he might encounter.  


MIMO provided Bhavik with training for tasks related to new clients or projects, enabling him to successfully complete them within the assigned time. 


His family includes his mother, father, and two children. He can earn 2000–3000 INR per month from MIMO, which proves to be a valuable side income for him and his family.

Achieving Independence

Bhavik has established a steady stream of gig-based tasks, allowing him to quit his musings about a traditional full-time role and focus entirely on his freelance career. He has the freedom to work from anywhere, set his own hours, and, most importantly, spend quality time with his children. This kind of independence can indeed be liberating. 

Inspiring Others

Bhavik’s success story resonates with many aspiring and even established gig workers. Even today, he uses his own vehicle to complete the tasks. His message to the next generation is clear: with honesty, resilience, and a willingness to continuously improve, anyone could achieve independence and fulfilment through gig work. 


When asked about his learning experiences from gig work with MIMO, he replied that the tasks were normal everyday tasks that he had been doing for a long time and, as a result, were more like a practice run of the assignments he had completed earlier. 


His only complaint was that there were not enough available tasks to earn more, which is a mark of true hunger for success through hard work. 


Today, Bhavik is not just a successful gig worker but a beacon of inspiration for those seeking independence through the gig economy. His journey underscores the transformative power of this work model, offering flexibility, empowerment, and the chance to pursue one’s true calling. Bhavik’s story is a testament to the fact that, despite its challenges, gig work can lead to a fulfilling and balanced life where professional and personal aspirations coexist harmoniously.