Janardhan belongs to a very small village in Aurangabad,Maharashtra. At the age of 10 he started helping his father and brother in farming and grew as a farmer. In five acre of land they use to cultivate Cotton(Kapas). They used to do farming for nine months during the year. His village was regularly suffering from drought hence the young man decided to move out of the village and go to Pune in search of better life and earning opportunities. 

After his initial struggle in Pune he finally managed to get a job to take care of his basic needs and after working there for a few years one of his friends introduced him to an extra earning opportunity with MIMO. Janardhan started working in his free time with Mimo along with his full time job and started earning Rs 3000 monthly along with his full time work. 

Well this was just the start of the good time for him and his family. Dedication and determination demonstrated by him was commendable and he started getting more work from MIMO. One day, unfortunately, the company he was working for, was closed down because of the recession and he made the biggest move in his life and started working with MIMO full time. All this happened in just Eight months time wherein he was increasing his income every month with MIMO  and slowly he increased his income to 20 K, in the meantime MIMO was training and supporting him continuously to grow and learn new skills like Customer Handling, People management skills, Planning, Usage of technology and many more. Looking at his quality of work and dedication MIMO started giving him even more work, Soon he realised that this was getting out of his individual capacity and then Janardhan took the next big step of his life, to build his own team of field officers. Today, he is a franchisee with MIMO and has a team of Fifty field officers who work directly under him.  

 Janardhan has studied till 10th standard but with the help of MIMO he was able to find the required direction and speed to grow in his career. For a young boy who left his home without completing his studies,  could not get bigger and was definitely ‘Dream Come True’. Now he has spent almost 1.5 years working with MIMO and his earning which was just 3k when he started was now touching 45 K recorded as highest. He actually earns higher than 45K, but as he doesn’t penailises his field officers for not completing the work on time , he takes that penalty on himself.  

 Janardhan today is very proud of his achievements and when asked about how he feels about the journey with MIMO, he answered with twinkling eyes “ I want to thank the company for giving me the life I always wanted” Janardhan said as he is now able to take care of his family. Not only is he able to fund his father to use modernization in farming , he is also supporting his brother in pursuing higher studies. As we asked about the challenges faced with MIMO, he replied with confidence  “Shuru mein kaam nai milta tha kafi patience rakhna pada, jab bhi kaam milta tha use achhe se kiya, bas fir dhire dhire kaam  zyada milne laga”.  

 He ended up saying “thanks to MIMO for giving me so much in life in such a short span of time”, he also mentions about the unique work model offered by MIMO, wherein he is now not only able to support his family financially but can also give them more quality time, he also can earn as much as he wants as there is no capping from MIMO, he praises MIMO’s work culture where he works independently and does not have to report to anyone and can take complete ownership of the work. This story of Janardhan is an inspiration to every young indian who is looking for some extra income opportunity and MIMO has taken the ownership to provide that extra income by generating part time employment, not only in urban areas but also in rural parts of india.