The 10 Skills You Need to Succeed in the GIG Economy

The 10 Skills You Need to Succeed in the GIG Economy

According to a report, India’s GIG workforce consists of more than fifteen million people across various industries.  Leading business experts suggest that the freelancing economy will show no sign of stopping in the next few years. Soon, more than 25 million workers will become freelancers to earn a living in India. A career as a freelancer is full of opportunities, though it also brings many risks. For example, you may need help finding the right jobs and employers, especially if you are a beginner.

A thriving GIG economy suggests that the freelancing industry has no job shortage. Employers look for freelancers nowadays to save time and money. Moreover, the freelancing industry encourages hiring people from different places, as working remotely has become convenient due to the advancements in internet-based communication. Even though the industry offers ample opportunities, only a few people can sustain them. The reason behind the failure is the need for more essential skills to succeed in the GIG economy.

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Top 10 Skills for GIG Economy Success

So, what essential skills do you need to improve your productivity as a freelancer? In the following section, find a detailed discussion on thriving in this industry.

1. An Initial Motivation

Freelancers require initial motivation to survive in the industry. However, obtaining an initial motivation may take much work in the industry. Successful freelancers devote 5-6 months to their jobs to become somewhat successful. Real growth starts with gaining more experience in this field. Therefore, patience is always the key in this industry. You must maintain patience even though you do not get an initial motivation.

Freelancers can get initial motivation by choosing short-term jobs.

For example, a writer can write gigs and create an online portfolio. The portfolio will attract many clients who can offer you assignments. Completing these assignments will earn you instant money. You can gradually grow and develop a good client database to get regular jobs.

2. Understanding the Alternatives

Understanding the alternatives is a key skill for freelancers working in the gig industry. For example, you have an excellent command of language and literature. Therefore, you can find various content writing jobs. However, jobs are not regular in the freelancing industry. Therefore, a content writer can start personal blogging and earn revenue through advertising networks.

Every freelancer has multiple alternatives, and searching for those alternatives is essential. The search must go on to grab and explore new opportunities. Moreover, you may add more skills to serve a large client base.

3. Sole Responsibility

Working remotely as a freelancer is fun, as you can balance professional and personal lives in a better manner. But freelancing can often become boring since you work alone from home. You should maintain the correct schedule to follow the deadline and keep clients happy. You must not take your work casually because clients want quality services from freelancers. Understanding the responsibilities and working accordingly is crucial for everyone in the gig industry.

4. Problem and Goal Orientation

Since the GIG economy platforms are growing, the scopes are getting larger for freelancers. But, a thriving industry also brings tough competition. Many people want to become successful in this field by showcasing their skills. People who stay organized with their jobs will likely stay ahead of the competition. It would help if you had a career goal as a freelancer. You will need more motivation to work and grow in the gig industry. Moreover, you should understand and cope with the industry’s challenges to improve your skills.

5. Evolution

In conventional jobs, people can excel in their skills slowly. For example, a plumber can stay the same in his approach to working anytime soon. But freelancers work in a competitive and dynamic environment. They should update their skills after certain intervals to stay relevant and efficient in the gig industry. A person, who does not adopt the changes, will soon find themselves losing jobs quickly in the gig economy. You should be ready to take on new challenges and understand the latest industry trends.

6. Assertiveness

Self-belief is the most crucial thing in the freelancer industry. You should believe in your skills and knowledge to succeed in this industry. Beginners often face challenges and start losing faith in their skills. As a result, they leave the industry and pursue something else to earn a living. The gig economy offers endless scopes for those who are believers. Your assertiveness will make you an excellent prospect in the gig economy.

7. Source of Capitals

Managing and understanding capital sources are crucial skills for people working in the gig economy. A good source of capital is required if you want to start a freelancing job that requires time and money investment. Investing in both for a certain period will yield the best result for your career. On the other hand, investing money without conviction in a job may eventually lead to financial losses. Therefore, you should handle your capital sources better for a better financial decision.

8. Maintaining consistency

Sometimes, jobs can be redundant in the gig industry, and you may need more scope to showcase your creativity. In such cases, consistency becomes an issue for budding freelancers. But seasoned freelancers never compromise on skills and qualifications. They remain focused on delivering consistent services even though jobs are redundant.

9. Willingness to Learn

Do you love learning new things to improve your skill? Sometimes, you may need to learn things that will not directly impact your skill. A willingness to learn is the most crucial thing for a professional freelancer. The gig industry will offer ample opportunities to those ready to learn. Knowledge will improve your skills, eventually enabling you to deliver better services to clients.

10. Other Soft Skills

Freelancers should develop multiple soft skills to improve their chances of finding success in this industry. For example, you should acquire exceptional communication skills to contribute significantly to India’s GIG economy. On the other hand, your personality is also essential to improve your stature as a freelancer. An attractive personality will help you find prestigious clients in the industry.

So, these are some crucial skills that individuals must obtain to improve their chances of success in the gig industry. Develop these skills gradually to make your growth in the freelancer industry faster.

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